Photo Products

The advent of digital photography opened up a host of possibilities for people who want to get creative with personalized gifts. Now it is possible to apply a photo to a wide variety of objects, from tshirts, tote bags and puzzles to mugs, postcards and keychains. The prices for such items range widely, with lowerend items such as magnets and buttons often available for under five dollars and more substantial objects frequently exceeding the 50 mark. In some cases, it is possible to buy multiple copies of the same personalized item for instance, a calendar featuring several members of the same extended family and receive a substantial discount.

Of course, despite the many options available to people in terms of creative photo gifts, the basic photo book remains extremely popular. In the past, it was necessary for those putting together albums to purchase albums and manually affix photos to the pages, using tape or other backing material or inserting the pictures into sleeves. With the rise of scrapbooks came an intensive interest in trimming photos and enhancing pages with designer paper, stickers and other implements. Online photo books are much more basic to put together, and because the pictures are in digital form, they can be used again and again.

Putting pictures on an online photo server allows friends and family access to them so that they can make their own photo albums if they are so inclined. The process for creating a photo book online is very basic. While it may seem intimidating to someone who has never attempted it before, what follows is a basic tutorial that is meant to reassure those with an interest in making one of these books for the first time.